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Facials and Body Treatments

Therapeutic Skin Care Treatments

Azar Signature Facial: Azar Zen Spa Facelift Massage A custom facial for both men and women designed to target individual needs and concerns; the signature facial restores health and vitality to the skin. Incorporating hot towels with essential oils, hot and cold stone massage with pressure points to tone and lift the skin, lymph drainage for detoxification and nourishment. This relaxing facial includes hand, foot and décolletage massage to replenish the skin with a youthful glow while delivering immediate and long-term results.
60 minutes. $90

Azar Body Health

Body Rejuvenation: Supporting the body's metabolic process, this treatment encourages the release of toxins and restores the natural mineral balance throughout the body. A potent combination of algae extracts and marine sediments stimulates cellular metabolism, improves texture and increases moisture and elasticity. This treatment is suitable for all skin and body types.
90 min. $90

Detoxifying Back Treatment: Clarifying and purifying, this facial for the back combines deep pore cleansing with an oxygenating back mask to rid the skin of surface impurities and normalize skin function. A soothing blend of essential oils and marine extracts reduces inflammation, leaving the skin properly nourished, hydrated and balanced.
45 min. $50