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Astara — Natural Botanical Skin Care
Astara's philosophy is to integrate powerful antioxidants, raw organic plants, flower essences and sea extracts to supply life force cells for age prevention repair and deep hydration. The products provide health, harmony, balance and a youthful glow to the skin. Astara Skin Care products provide essential, life giving energy to the cells using powerful, raw ingredients from elements of nature around the world. They and I believe that by unlocking the true health inside, the radiance essence of the individual will shine through.

Therapeutic Skin Care Treatments

Azar Signature Facial: A custom facial designed to target individual needs and concerns; the signature facial restores health and vitality to the skin. Incorporating deep cleansing, exfoliation, detoxification and nourishment, this remedy replenishes the skin while delivering immediate and long-term results. Steam is applied to the face while aesthetician performs a neck, shoulder and facial massage, to soften skin and release impurities.

Age Defying - Cellular Repair Facial: A synergistic blend of anti-oxidants strengthens the skin and protects from environmental damage. Especially useful for mature and devitalized skin types, the Cellular Repair Facial combats aging on both a topical and cellular level, revealing healthy, toned and vibrant skin. This facial is suitable for mature, stressed complexions that are dull or lackluster.
75 min. $90

Deep Cleansing - Purifying: Featuring the Blue Flame Purification line, the Purifying Facial effectively treats oily and acne-prone complexions while normalizing the skin to prevent future breakouts. Targeted bioactives regulate sebum production, inhibit bacteria and reduce inflammation, resulting in clean, clear and balanced skin. This facial is suitable for oily, congested and blemish prone skin or other skin types suffering from temporary breakouts.
65 min. $90

Moisture - Lock Facial: Designed specifically for the needs of dryness, sun damage, and extreme climates, the moisture-Lock Facial infuses the skin with intense moisture, while improving its ability to retain it. Texture and resiliency are beautifully restored. This facial is suitable for mature, dry, dehydrated skin types.
75 min. $90

Gentleman's Facial: The perfect spin on our signature facial: Azar's Men's Facial is particularly beneficial for thicker and congested skin types, especially men. This facial concentrates on exfoliating and detoxifying the skin, ending with added moisture and proper balance.
75 min. $90

Mini-Facial: The perfect introduction to facial services or for a quick pick me up. Azar's Mini-Facial offers many of the same benefits as our Signature Facial; glowing skin in the perfect state of health. This facial is suitable for all skin types, first time facial clients or those who are time constrained.

Micro-Mini Facial: A combination mini-facial and microdermabrasion treatment. Combining these two treatments allows for deeper product penetration and quicker results. Skin is left with a more youthful appearance and rejuvenated.

Superficial Resurfacing

All body treatments include a dry brush exfoliation, application of body masks, mini-facial massage and scalp treatment while "wrapped", and application of lotion.

Microdermabrasion: A non-invasive skin treatment that evenly and safely exfoliates the skin. By using fine crystals, this mechanical peel gently resurfaces the superficial layers of the skin and will minimize the appearance of fine lines, scarring, un even skin tones, dull and sun damaged skin. A series of six is recommended.
Single Session $90 | Series of Six $450.00

Marine Peel: This treatment soothes, brightens and firms with a blend of Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Marine Minerals The unique blend of Glycolic and Lactic Acids makes this peel a highly effective skin exfoliant that is gentle enough for even more sensitive skin types. It helps to exfoliate dead and dry skin at the surface, stimulates the skin's natural renewal process, and helps to draw moisture into the skin. This peel can also be added on to any Therapeutic Skin Treatment.

Azar Body Health

Body Rejuvenation: Supporting the body's metabolic process, this treatment encourages the release of toxins and restores the natural mineral balance throughout the body. A potent combination of algae extracts and marine sediments stimulates cellular metabolism, improves texture and increases moisture and elasticity. This treatment is suitable for all skin and body types.
90 min. $90

Detoxifying Back Treatment: Clarifying and purifying, this facial for the back combines deep pore cleansing with an oxygenating back mask to rid the skin of surface impurities and normalize skin function. A soothing blend of essential oils and marine extracts reduces inflammation, leaving the skin properly nourished, hydrated and balanced.
45 min. $50


Lip $12
Eyebrows $12
Chin $12
Lip, Eyebrows & Chin  $34
Basic Bikini $20
Bikini Plus $28
Arm Half $33 | Full $60
Leg Half $33 | Full $60
Underarms $20
Back $50
Full Leg and Bikini $80