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Azar Packages

wellness experience massage package This Package Includes:
1 Hour Azar Signature Massage
1 Hour Azar Signature Facial
mother/daughter massage package Spend time together and pamper yourselves.
This Package Includes:
½ Hour Massage
½ Hour facial
For Two: $190.00
tender-love-care massage package Pamper yourself or give your loved one some much needed T.L.C. with a sampling of some of our most popular services.
This Package Includes:
1 Hour Azar Signature Massage with scalp massage
1 Hour Azar Signature Facial with soothing face mask
wine lovers massage package Wine facials provide an instant glow to the skin and relieve tension and headaches. Wine contains certain extracts which help in removing dead cells on the face. French Chardonnay Grapes are rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals. Fruit acids along with milk proteins encourage new cell regeneration. Paint away your worries and divulge in the masterpiece of you!
This package includes:
1 Hour Azar Signature Massage
1 Hour Wine Therapy Facial
mens massage package For the man on the go or for specific concerns with muscle tension and skin irritation, this package is suitable for all men. Detoxify the body of impurities inside and out with the use of customized aromatic blends and a Hot Towel facial massage.
Take extra care of working hands too with a volcanic ash hand mask
This Package Includes:
1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage
1 Hour Detoxifying Hot Towel Facial Massage
Volcanic Ash Mudd hand mask
Full Body Detox Program:   Massage is extremely beneficial when done consecutively, especially if you are trying to rid the body of excess toxins which are leading to discomfort and tension.

Proper lymphatic drainage and the use of pure essential oils will aid in the detoxification process along with facial and body treatments.

Sign up for four weeks of consecutive massages and get the 5th one FREE!

Add to this a facial or body treatment when completing your cycle and receive 20% off either treatment.